This is my story. This is my blog.


Soul at Crossroad is inspired by a portion of the text of the eleventh station from Josemaria Escriva's The way of the Cross, ... gladly do I nail myself to Your Cross, ready to be in the crossroads of this world, a soul dedicated to You, to Your glory, to the work of Redemption, the co-redemption of the whole human race. Our life on earth is meant to lead us to God and can be likened to being on a journey. If a journey has a beginning, then it must have an end, and there must be a link between the beginning and the end. Therefore, the Soul at Crossroad is one who has just realised that the link between the beginning and the end of the journey to God is the Way of the Cross. The road of the Cross. The Cross's road. Crossroad.

To change is hard, and is what continually fills me with dread and discouragement; trying and failing leads me to despair and desolation. The words of Jesus in I Thirst for YOU created a spark of hope in me that maybe there could be a way for me to also experience God as the Saints claim to. They had to have some starting point. My own starting point seems to be these words from the "I Thirst for YOU" meditation, "You don’t need to change to believe in My love, for it will be your confidence in that love that will make you change."

There is a certain understanding that being on the Crossroad means that I am to live in a way which doesn't conform with the world and with the sole objective of promoting God's glory. Being on this path has made me realise how much of a nothing I am in relation to God, but there is still so much that I don't know; so much I need to learn. This is why I have adopted the motto, "PRAY AND LEARN". No matter how many times I fall; no matter how slow I am, so long as I can call out to God in my despair and I can hear Him through His word, there is still hope for this miserable sinner.